About mountain climbing for beginners.

Advantages of mountain climbing (effects)

Climbing is a typical aerobic exercise.

It is said to be effective in preventing cardiovascular disease. In addition, aerobic exercise is effective in reducing body fat as the exercise time increases, so hiking for more than an hour is much more effective in burning body fat than aerobic exercise such as walking in the neighborhood or cardio equipment in the gym for 20 to 30 minutes.

In addition, climbing strengthens the muscles of the lower body, and phytoncide from the forest increases immunity, and promotes beta-endorphin to relieve stress and prevent depression.

Climbing has various effects that strengthen bones and muscles and enhance the function of the heart and respiratory system. Climbing also increases muscle mass and lowers blood sugar in the body, which is a great help for people with diabetes.

the shortcomings of mountain

Climbing mountains can be a medicine or poison for your health depending on your physical condition.

People with bad back should be careful about climbing, and back pain is often due to stiff muscles, ligaments, and joint sacs around the joints, and if you climb at this time, the symptoms can get worse. For those who have back pain and want to go hiking to develop back and lower body muscles, it is recommended to choose a mountain with soil and a gentle slope after being diagnosed by the hospital and go hiking within an hour.

People with poor knee joints should also be careful of hiking. When you climb a mountain, the weight of your body is applied to your knee joints and your joints are easily worn out. Therefore, patients with severe arthritis who have difficulty even walking on flat land should avoid hiking. If it’s not too much to walk on the flatland, it can be helpful to climb at a slow speed, and please wear hiking sticks and knee pads.

Climbing is dangerous even for people with ventricular tachycardia or within a year of myocardial infarction.

Tachycardia has a heart rate of more than 100 times per minute, and ventricular tachycardia is caused by a problem in the ventricle. Having ventricular tachycardia is classified as malignant arrhythmia because there is a risk of heart attack even if you are short of breath. If you have ventricular tachycardia, running for a while can cause a big strain on your heart, so you should avoid hiking. Also, those who have experienced myocardial infarction for less than a year should not climb, or even if they do, they should do it with very low intensity. It is said that it is because patients with myocardial infarction usually recover from their previous condition a year after symptoms occur.

Guidelines for beginners to keep in mind when hiking

Rest before you get tired

If you feel short of breath, please take a rest right away. If you are completely tired, it is difficult to recover even if you take a rest. When resting, it is recommended not to take off your bag and rest against trees or rocks, and for beginners/dunglin, it is recommended to take a 30 minute walk for 10 minutes and a 50 minute walk for skilled people.

Step on the ground with your whole foot

When walking on flat ground, it is the right way to step on the heel, but for climbing, you have to step on the ground with your entire foot. This is because the load of the body is evenly distributed to the feet, which reduces strain on the leg muscles and slows the consumption of physical strength.

On a downhill road, bending your knees and stepping on your feet, and if the slope is severe, going down diagonally rather than straight is less burdensome for your knee and ankle joints.

Never drink

It is easy to develop dehydration, and the risk of falling death due to loss of foot increases. There is also a risk of falling down because your legs are loose when you go down the mountain.


Some precautions for the sea trip.

Today, for safety,

I prepared some precautions for the sea trip.

1. Jellyfish Precautions

Now, even in the seas of Korea,

Jellyfish are common.

But these days, a lot of people go on a trip

in the West Sea and the South Sea

A highly toxic jellyfish appears.

If you get stung by this jellyfish, you’ll get fever, muscle paralysis,

Symptoms such as shortness of breath and shock appear.

But swim in the sea

It would be very dangerous if you had these symptoms.

So if you get stung by a jellyfish,

I’ll get help from people around me

It comes out of the water

You have to remove the tentacles after disinfection.

2. Precautions for Shells

When you go on a sea trip, you can eat raw fish and spicy fish stew

I enjoy various sea dishes.

But be careful when you eat clams.


The clams ate the poisonous plankton

If it’s not cooked properly,

The poison is still in the body.

This poison can cause general paralysis

If it’s too bad, you could die.

Estates Golf

An architect who oversees everything about architecture

1. What kind of job is an architect?

It’s a job that oversees and oversees everything about architecture from design to construction.

2. What made you become an architect?

Originally, I worked for an electricity company, but working with young architects at the interior site gave me a longing for architects, and I couldn’t give up my desire for beauty, so I entered the path of architecture. When I went into the design, it was so fun, exciting and happy.

3. What is the most important factor in the construction process?

“Don’t you think you’ll get hurt when you wake up and go to the bathroom?” Won’t you trip over the threshold? Where should I put the light switch? How can I drink water with my eyes closed by increasing access to the water purifier?I have the same worries. I try to work in this way because I feel that these concerns are properly put in and constructed, and that the customer’s satisfaction is improved when the building is built.

4. When do you have a hard time with your job?

Planning, design, and construction for 스크린 골프장 must be carried out within the architectural framework, but there are times when expectations for beautiful architectural design are raised as the greed of the architect or the greed of the designers conflict during the licensing process. You may feel frustrated or discouraged when a design change request is made to a building that has already been designed.

5. What qualities do you need to be an architect?

Thinking a lot about the purpose of using the land, planning, design, and construction that fit the purpose of use, helps to develop the qualities of an architect. These days, creativity is more important than basic planning or construction. We need the ability to find elements that can capture the hearts of customers, so we hope to develop a lot of creativity.

6. Can you say a word to the students who want to be architects?

I hope you study hard with hope. I hope you will be a great architect who can think and research a lot to realize the dreams of the architects who commissioned the project and the dreams of the users who use the space.


Types of interior materials that are easy to construct on your own

In fact, the range of interior design directly is narrow.

However, there are materials on the market so that you can do it yourself

Today, let’s take a look at the types of interior materials that are easy to construct on your own.

1. Wall finish

In the case of wall finishing materials, there are typically full wallpaper and paint.

The easiest way for beginners to construct is paint

It has a variety of colors and convenience in construction

It has the advantage of being able to be applied to various places such as visits and walls.

However, paint requires a lot of effort.

You have to do the underlying work carefully to prevent it from splashing here and

It takes quite a lot of labor because it needs to be painted two to three times.

However, there are no difficulties in space and time.

Personally, as long as paint is meticulous and durable,

It seems to be a wall finish that can be constructed beautifully enough.

However, the incidence of defects is high

Work thoroughly on varnish, etc.

The wallpaper is literally glazed

It’s a wall finish that you can attach easily

Since it’s less hard to apply glue,

It’s one of the ways you can try it on your own.

2. Sheet Paper

In the case of sheet paper, it is a material good for construction in the kitchen sink, etc

It is recommended if it is difficult to tear off all the kitchens and construct them.

If you use it well, it’s easy and cheap to change the mood

It’s efficient, and the construction difficulty varies depending on where you use it

Usually, it is recommended to proceed with familiarity with the method before construction.

3. Floor finish

In the case of the floor, adhesive decorative tiles are the easiest to construct by themselves.

It’s a low-end tile made of PVC material

It’s a tile that feels like a hard floor, so compared to other low-intensity floors,

It’s slightly better in the back.

Deco-tile is a non-adhesive type where you apply glue on the floor

There’s a sticker-like glue that removes the background paper

In comparison, the adhesive type is much easier to construct.

Tecotile is made of flexible PVC material, so it is relatively light

There is no other construction such as joints, so it is convenient to attach.

But there’s a contraction

In Korea, where there are four seasons, the floor is heated

There is a disadvantage in that the gap widens by repeating contraction and expansion.

4. Molding

Installing the molding separately after the wall paper and flooring are constructed is

It is difficult for the general public to do because it is a woodworking job.

Instead, you can finish the border with a PVC material called a goobdori

It’s rolled up, so it’s not only very easy to construct,

It is also a strong material for contamination, so it is recommended if you want simple construction.


Welcome To really happiest Estates ever.

Welcome To really happiest Estates ever.

I hope everyone can live a happy life everywhere.

Let’s meet often and say hello.

Thank you.